Ariba Book Publishers

Submission of manuscripts

All submissions are sent by Email to; as MS Word documents.
Submissions for traditional publishing are done on call for submissions normally published on our news page. Submissions for sel-publishing is all year round.

Traditional publishing services.

Based on content strategy that gives a clear picture of readers’ demands, we publish contents on a call for submission basis. Authors of approved contents sign a contract agreement with Ariba Book Publishers and earn royalties depending on sales of their published contents.

Self-publishing services

The notion that self-published books are substandard is a fallacy, worsened by authority figures in the publishing industry who reject self-published books in opportunities that require presence of published authors or contents. The quality of published works depend entirely on editorial team and professional personnel involved in the publishing process. We’ve had numerous cases of published contents produced by traditional publishing outlets displaying substandard quality and self-published books on the other hand that’d do better if given an opportunity.
Inasmuch as we appreciate traditional publishing efforts that have dominated and done a commendable job in the publishing industry for centuries, Ariba Book Publishers believe in providing space for creators of contents that never had an opportunity to access traditional publishing services NOT because they’re bad but rejection particularly of unsolicited manuscripts depends on a number of factors including logistical preparedness.

The bad image in the self-publishing industry

Money centric self-publishing companies and sell-me-quick writers who avoid essential publishing procedures contribute a lot to the poor quality of published works that have painted self-publishing solutions in bad light. Self-publishing companies should have a clear outline on the logistics behind professional editing services on condition that hired editors are directly responsible for poor quality resulting from grammatical errors of published works.

To combat quality disparities between traditionally published and self-published books, Ariba Book Publishers makes it clear to authors in the contract agreement risks of avoiding professional editing services and invests at large on best quality of self-published books to ensure good returns for authors who decide to use this solution after failing to get a space in the traditional publishing world. The company includes the names of professional editors on the copyright page of books that have gone through this process but books not professionally edited bear no name of editors.


Our vision

A wellspring of world class reading materials