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German K.C.S.E Revision Book Released.

Author:Elisha Otieno, Published: December 9th ,2017


Dominic Onsase a profesional linguistic writer specialized in German will have his first K.C.S.E revision books on shelves starting January 2018. The book is aimed at providing solutions to students preparing for the K.C.S.E final examinations.

The synopsis below gives a summarized introduction of the book-

Tip German is a revision book specifically designed to help learners learning German sharpen their writing skills in German as a foreign language. Various typical mistakes often made by learners when writing German compositions have also been illustrated and possible ways through which they can be corrected shown. Besides, the three compositions commonly tested at K.C.S.E level in German (informal and formal letters together with creative narration)have been discussed and several dummies of best compositions to each given.This is a very good study material for any learner wishing to improve in their German composition.