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Ariba book publishers offer quality solutions to book publishing

and related services. To ensure competence in service delivery,

we keenly observe and maintain:-

  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Speed
  • Cost

Books from all walks of life are eligible for publishing starting

from school books,story books both fictions and non fictions,

religious books,autobiographies,memmoirs etc


Completed manuscripts should be submitted through Email to:-

submissions@aribabp.com in Ms Word form,paper size-A4.


  • A contract agreement is signed by the author and our
    the Director of Ariba upon acceptance of the manuscript.
  • The author is required to pay the administration fee before
    moving to the next level to facillitate payment of hired expertees
  • The manuscript is sent back to the author for approval after
    editing and putting it in the right format for publishing as an
    Ms Word document
  • The approved copy is converted to PDF and resent back
    to the author for final approval
  • The cover is designed by the publisher using images
    acceptable to the author.
  • The complete cover is sent to the author for approval before
    converting it to PDF.
  • Both the manuscript and the cover are forwarded to the press for
    printing of a sample copy to be delivered to the author in less than
    two weeks time.
  • The author approves the printed copy which is a replica of the book
    to be released for sale.
  • The author is linked to our printing partner for mass production to be
    facillitated by the author

  • The publisher will deliver the ordered copies to the author in
    less than two weeks time after payment is made for printing
  • The publiushers will never print out any copy of a book without
    the author's consent


  • Marketing is a joint venture and requires the participation of both the
    publisher and the author.
  • The author remains the owner and custodian of the printed books
  • He stands to benefit 100% profit of the books sold
    through his/her network
  • For books sold through the publisher's distribution channels,the
    profit is shared on a 50% to 50% ration between the publisher and
    the author e.g a book selling at 350/= reels a profit of 200/= if the cost
    of printing is 150/=.The author will be paid 250/= i.e
    profit(100/=)plus the cost of printing(150/=)which was
    paid by the author at the production stage.
  • The publisher will load the manuscript to online distributors
    like amazon.com and others and share it out to relevant stakeholders
    both nationally and internationally in collaboration with the author.


Other publishing related services offered are: - Book cover designing
{Only Kshs 500}and editing services whose cost depend on the volume
of the manuscript






Book publishing

Printing services

System maintenance





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